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Five Birthdays, a Few Bottles, Many Memories…

Wine is for me, like bread, the basis of all food : the essential drink, synonymous with culture, happiness, and the art of living. Each bottle that sleeps in my cellar contains a universe: the geography and history of the place where it was born, the soil, the plant, the climate, a know-how… A universe […]

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This Monday, May 11th, had a smell of Freedom…

This Monday, May 11th, smelled of freedom. All over France, we are officially “de-confined”! Not entirely free to come and go as we see fit, as we are still deprived of access to restaurants, limited to 100 km (from a birds eye view) for our trips, and ordered to flee group meetings and avoid “crowded […]

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7th Week of sheltering-in-place

Obviously, time seems to be passing slowly. Despite modern communication techniques, it is difficult to deprive oneself of the physical presence of relatives and friends. But it gives us time to look around and marvel at the spectacle that this early sunny spring has offered us. The vegetation is blooming, the flowers multiply in the […]

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Easter Sunday lunch…

Thanks to Daughter #3, Catherine, we could enjoy the traditional roasted lamb. This moment of culinary happiness reminds me of my old Pauillac childhood pals. Jim Martin, gone today, was a close friend. « Jim » was his official first name. Its English sounding always puzzled me. English-speaking people were scarce at the time in […]

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